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Monday, August 20, 2018

Wet Smartphone? Try The Rice Treatment

Some people just can't let go of their smartphones with them. Most phone users even bring their phones into the bathroom. If luck isn't on their side, their expensive and fancy smartphone can be damaged by water. Fortunately, the rice treatment was proven to be effective. Just follow the steps and your phone will be dried in a meantime.

To dry your phone and avoid widespread damage to its hardware, do not immediately turn the phone on. Instead, remove the battery and let it dry in a place where humidity is low or under sunlight. Do not use hair dryers on your phone, it might exacerbate the further damage. Finally, after removing the battery, submerge the phone in an uncooked rice bowl. Leave the phone there overnight.

Just keep in mind that the rice treatment can fail to dry other phones, especially the older models with lots of keypads. To make sure that your phone is 100% moisture free, just take your phone to the nearest phone repair shop or product service centers.

Written by Kristine Ang, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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