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Friday, August 3, 2018

Zodiac Signs Different Approach In Fulfilling Their Dreams

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All of us have dreams and aspirations that we want to achieve. Did you know that each Zodiac sign has a different approach in fulfilling their dreams? Each sign also have a unique or distinctive way of helping other people to reach their goals as well

Prefers to face challenges alone and feels upset when someone is on his/her way. May brag a lot about his/her recent exploits to many people. Likes to give advice while bragging his/her achievements.

Decisive and stays true to his dreams and aspirations. Shows deep gratitude to those people who helped during his quest for his dreams. Frequently offers his/her helping hand to those people who in are in dire need of help.

Dedicated and serious at the first steps leading to his/her goals. But may lose his way because of problems with other people. Getting back on track seems easy when he/she envies the progress of his contemporaries.

May befriend like-minded people with the same goals. Inquisitive and frequently asks for advice. In turn, he/she will share her ways with them in return.

May associate present obstacles from previous ones. Learns from past mistakes and in turn, correct these mistakes to achieve success with ease. Likes to challenge other people and frank in giving constructive criticisms.

May get easily distracted by trivial things while working on something. Tends to procrastinate when the time is running out. May do everything he can to perfectly execute plans in a short period of time.

Likes to take risks and may sacrifice something to achieve a goal. Despite taking risks, he/she still tries his best to not get too far and hurt other people in the process. Frequently gives rational advice to other people.

May use other people out of desperation. Easily regrets when someone close to him getting hurt because of his ambitions. Highly empathic to those people who failed in their quest.

Have a single-minded pursue his goal. May avoid talking to some people for a while just to focus. Immediately regrets when he/she lost the people while pursuing his dreams.

Highly adept in dealing with obstacles and challenges. May want other's help but chooses not to because he wants to stay independent. May give a little help to those like-minded people.

Plans ahead and expert in going with the flow of other people. Stays true to his plans, may get upset when something went out of hand. Easily gets back on track after straying a little bit.

Reflects on past decisions that may affect his track in pursuing his dreams. May hold a grudge because of his affinity to the past. Empathic and highly reliable among like-minded people.

Written by Kristine Ang, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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