Thursday, September 13, 2018

Darkest Secrets Hidden In Our Beloved Cartoons

We love to watch cartoons as kids. In our childhood, we care less about the backgrounds and themes we see in the cartoons we watch. Most of the time we are only after the dynamic actions of cartoons we watch and just follow the basic plot and having a complete disregard for the underlying themes of the show.
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Conspiracy theorists pointed out that some cartoons have subliminal messages that may affect the behavior the child who watches the show. It might even affect the well being of the child as he grows.

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Now that we are grown ups we will realize that the shows that we have watched back then are not as innocent as we think. Some shows have hidden sexual references or stylized violence that as children we have no clue about.

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These subliminal messages didn't only alarm conspiracy theorists, but professional psychologists are also revolted by these images that may have an impact on the well being of a child. Since children have a less concrete view of reality, they tend to imitate what they see on TV. The most famous examples are found in Disney cartoon films several fan theories about insanity and death are found in some Nickelodeon cartoon series.


The famous examples are the alleged connections between Spongebob characters and the Seven Deadly Sins. There is also a fan theory about our beloved Rugrats characters, a famous fan theory pointed out that they are in fact ghosts of aborted babies or they just exist in the imagination of their parents. The most shocking of these fan theories would be Courage the Cowardly Dog's hellish adventures some point out that he is a one-headed hellbound Cerberus. Childhood ruined, isn't it?


Did the show directors really intend to rig these hidden messages? Did they receive orders from some sort of covert secret society? Or should the art director/animators be the one responsible for putting these lewd or violent images? Are these shows created for the sole purpose of indoctrinating children to act in the less acceptable manner? I will let you decide.

Dark side of cartoons


Written by Adjie Perez, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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