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Ferdinand Marcos Foes Now Target Duterte, The Same Strategy That Ousted Erap Estrada

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What did former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile mean when he said the same groups that toppled former President Ferdinand Marcos are back in action against President Rody Duterte?

Enrile, who is among the few surviving Cabinet officials of Marcos and who with former President Fidel V. Ramos bolted the 21-year regime triggering the People Power revolt that installed former President Cory Aquino, knows what he is talking about.

He advised an intelligent response from the government since he said the groups are using the same tactics that worked in removing Marcos.
The strategy, which apparently was also used against the similarly overthrown former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada, involved escalating economic problems to fuel discontent.

Enrile said the earnest effort to oust Rody had started even before the current impasse caused by the release of Proclamation 572 that invalidated the amnesty granted to Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and ordered his arrest.
“It’s a good thing that the President cut his trip to Jordan short. As Commander in Chief, his presence here amid these issues is very important,” Enrile said.
Rody cut short his official visit to the Kingdom of Jordan by one day to address the yellow mob’s call for another People Power movement to protect the cowering Trillanes from arrest.

The weapons now being used against Rody by the same yellow groups that staged the two EDSA uprisings are the rising prices of goods and the unstable supply of rice at government-subsidized prices.

He said the housing problem, apparently referring to the Kadamay takeover of government projects, is also being exploited by critics to gain momentum.

“The same groups — priests, nuns and the left — that hit President Marcos then are now coming out now…the same tactics, the same issues,” said Enrile.
In booting out Estrada, the groups had plotted from the time the popularly elected Erap set foot in Malacañang which is strikingly similar to the timeline of the oust-Duterte movement.

The analysis on the 6.4 percent inflation rate in August such as the one proffered by Arroyo economic adviser Albay Rep. Joey Salceda, which were that the economic team did nothing and that it was “self-inflicted,” was not even accurate.

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A look at the sources of high inflation showed that the biggest contributor to the high monthly figure was tobacco prices which rose by 29.91 percent, followed by vegetables at 17.87 percent.

The cost of commodities was also influenced by the increase in international oil prices going beyond the government’s assumption of $60 per barrel.

The Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion or TRAIN which has become the multi-purpose whipping boy for the yellow destabilizers accounts for nine centavos for every additional peso costs to consumers due to inflation, according to estimates of economic managers.

Rody also correctly blamed the current inflation problems as being partly caused by US President Donald Trump.

Prices are rising not just in the Philippines but throughout all developing economies, including China, due to external factors that are the Trump trade war and the US Federal Reserves’ decision to hike interest rates.

President Duterte, by simply sticking to what the Constitution and the law provide, is always a step ahead of his opponents in the ouster movement.

He even encourages the public to voice out their discontent in peaceful protests to spur action from government officials.

As a former prosecutor, Rody knows how to effectively handle dissent which is always through the legal channel.

Trillanes and his opponents are not gaining support while the Chief Executive’s survey ratings stay at a high 70 percent, despite a pollster’s deceiving netting scheme, mainly as a result of his deft handling of the situation.

Rody’s enemies are frustrated by his straightforward parrying of attacks launched against him such as admitting that inflation indeed is happening and that he will not cling to power if any other group can offer instant solutions to the problems besetting Filipinos.

The biggest drawback to the oust-Duterte movement is that nothing happened that benefited ordinary Filipinos during the term of the yellow president.

Lethargy was best defined in a word coined for former President Noynoy Aquino and, unfortunately for them, “Noynoying” went extinct the moment Rody stepped in.

 By The Editorial Board, of  The Daily Tribune


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