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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Is The Earth Hollow?

Hollow Earth

Edmond Halley, a known contemporary of Isaac Newton, is well known for his discovery of the Halley's Comet. He also observed some strange events about the compass readings of some sailors. This led him to believe that the Earth might be Hollow. Since then, the possibility of the Hollow Earth became well known to conspiracy theorists, scientists, and writers.

Edmond Halley

Edmond Halley, however, didn't popularize the idea of The Hollow Earth. It was John Cleves Symmes, a veteran of the War of 1812. He claimed that the Earth is hollow and the world beneath has 4 spheres interconnected with each other. He believed that the place could be accessed by traveling to the polar regions.

John Cleves Symmes

In 1828, the US Congress initially approved their voyage off to the polar regions, but the newly elected President Andrew Jackson scrapped their plans to set sail for the Poles. Decades later, a crackpot named Cyrus Teed founded a cult in Florida. The cult inspired the Hollow Earth doctrine of Nazi Germany, the Hohlweltehre.

Throughout the 20th Century, many Hollow Earth theorists postulated several concepts regarding the uncharted territory beneath Earth. Marshall Gardner, for example, believed that the Hollow Earth shelters a small version of the Sun. The miniature Sun causes the auroras observed in the Poles. He believed that the Inuits are descendants of people living in the Hollow Earth. Another Hollow Earth theorist named William Reed believed that the aurora borealis are mere reflections of volcanoes or fires ravaging the Hollow Earth.

Hallow Earth

Finally, in 1964, a man named Raymond Bernard proposed the most radical conception of Hollow Earth yet. According to him, the people and races that reside on the Hollow Earth are survivors of an ancient, cataclysmic nuclear war that happened thousands of years ago.

They seek refuge in the center of the Earth to protect themselves from the radiation and fallout caused by the nuclear war. He believes that the UFOs documented around the globe are not really aliens from other planets, instead, they are really flying machines piloted by citizens of the Hollow Earth. These citizens are merely observers of our progress. Are these claims real? It's up to you to decide. Pick up an Earth science book for academic purposes.

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