Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Muslim Preacher Says It’s A Major Sin For Wife To Refuse Husband’s Demands For Sex

Nassim Abdi, muslim

Feminists and the NSW Attorney General have expressed concern after a Muslim preacher in Sydney declared it a “major sin” for a wife to refuse to have sex with her husband.

Nassim Abdi, a Sunni fundamentalist, told a mosque in Auburn in the west of the city that a woman would be “cursed” by the angels for retaining conjugal intimacy.

“If the husband calls the wife for privacy and there is no legitimate reason for the woman to say no, then she must respond to her husband’s call,” he said Friday night.

She must answer the call of her husband and if not she has committed a greater sin.
Nassim Abdi, a fundamentalist Sunni at an Auburn mosque in western Sydney, said it was a “major sin” for a wife to reject a husband’s demand for sex.

Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah Association preacher, who asks for a return to Islam in the seventh century, said angels would “curse” a woman who refused to have sex.

“If the man calls the woman to bed and she refuses, the angels curse this woman and he sleeps with her while he is angry, the angels curse her until she wakes up.

Mr. Abdi preaches a fundamentalist version of seventh-century Salafi Islam from Saudi Arabia with Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah Association, which also advocates aspects of Sharia law.

Nassim Abdi has previously stated that it is sinful for Muslim women to show their ears under their hijabs in public and allow their children to listen to music in the car.


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