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Monday, September 17, 2018

15-Year-Old Teen Committed Suicide To Meet His Imaginary Anime Girlfriend

Taylor Gamboa Arronis

Children tend to have imaginary friends during the early phases of their childhood while some teens tend to be children in suspended animation. One tragic example would be Taylor Gamboa Arronis a Costa Rican teen and avid anime fan. His obsession with Ikaros from Heaven's Lost Property led him to commit suicide. Taylor believed that it is the only way to meet his imaginary girlfriend, in the afterlife.

Taylor Gamboa Arronis

This story only surfaced among the anime loving community forums. Much more disturbing is his letters, confessing his love to Ikaros, his imaginary waifu. These letters are found throughout the Internet. The letters are originally written in Spanish. The last letter is the most unsettling one, it turned out to be a suicide note: He asked for God's forgiveness and he made up his decision to take his own life in order to meet Ikaros in the other side or what he believed afterlife. The letter was found in his room where he hung himself, his dead body was found by his parents.

Taylor's parents were struck by grief because of his early death. His parents even wrote petitions in paper and online calling to ban anime and manga because they believe that these things are made by the Devil. After his untimely death, Taylor's parents incinerated his anime collection including his beloved Ikaros related goods. Much more disturbing for Taylor's parents is Ikaros' appearance, she is a scantily clad Angel like an anime character, and being Catholics they believed that she is a manifestation of a Devil.

The waifu worship is common among otakus or weaboos. Some hardcore anime fans(weaboos) have a strange habit to daydream about having a relationship with imaginary anime characters! Yes, you read it right! Falling in love with a 2-dimensional imaginary character! Hence the weaboo speak: 2D girls are better.


Written by John Malapad, Lucis Philippines contributor.


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