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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Man Narrated Everything He Saw In The Future World 3906 A.D.

Paul Dienach, Chronicles from the Future

There are many stories about people who allegedly traveled back in time. This story is one of the strangest time travel stories out there. A Swiss man named Paul Amadeus Dienach fell into a coma and after his recovery, he wrote everything he saw in the future world of 3906 A.D.

Paul Dienach fell into a coma in the year 1921. His form of comatose is combined with a form of future life progression event(the opposite of past life regression) that enabled him to witness what will happen nearly 2000 years from now.

In his visions he interacted with the denizens of the future world of 3906 A.D. They told Dienach of how science changed the world. In the year 2204, the man finally colonized and terraformed Mars, it will have 2 million citizens. Mankind managed to achieve unprecedented progress after the abolition of money and central banks. People of the future are living in a socialist post-scarcity utopia where money does not exist and all people are equal.

Paul Dienach, Chronicles from the Future
There is a book titled Chronicles of the Future. It is popularly called Diary of the Future. Luckily, copies of the book are not that hard to procure. The book is currently available online for free. You can read Paul Dienach's story here.

Dienach learned of how mankind managed to communicate with extraterrestrials and how they aided mankind to achieve full-blown technological progress. Dienach also learned that mankind reached another level of human evolution. From Homo Sapiens, the man became Homo Novus. Citizens of the future wanted Dienach to tell everyone how the world would look like in the future. After his extended sci-fi future trip, Paul Dienach woke up from the coma in 1922.

He spent 2 years to write everything he remembered about the future. He died in 1924, he originally intended to burn his notes, entries, and manuscripts related to his visions. Luckily, a certain Greek student named Papahatzis managed to retrieve some manuscripts and translated from 1926-1940 which became the Chronicles of the Future.

Written by Adjie Perez, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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