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Friday, September 14, 2018

Woman Travels The World For Free By Making Foreign Men Pay For Her

Monica Lynn

Most people love to travel and tread in new places. But traveling isn't cheap and a tourist should save a lot in order to have a satisfying break. Then, Monica Lynn, an American woman came across a website named MissTravel and managed to meet rich men from different places and make them pay for her travel expenses including hotel/resort accommodations. Surprisingly, she revealed that she didn't have to sleep with them to enjoy free travel.

Monica Lynn
“That depends on the person and how you behave,” she said. “It’s like any other dating website, it’s just there’s lots of travelling involved.”-Monica Lynn
Monica Lynn

Monica Lynn discovered the thriftiest way to travel to many places using the MissTravel website back in 2014. Her online journey on the MissTravel website gave way to meet men from different exotic locations such as Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Costa Rica and other places scattered in the 6 continents. She traveled extensively that her passport is almost full. According to Lynn, she managed to meet the love of her life during her travels, an unnamed Italian man.


Her story was first covered by Daily Mail and Oddity Central. She attracted detractors claiming that she might have slept with a lot of men in each country that she traveled on just to be free from expenses. Criticisms aside, her story can still give lessons on prospective travelers.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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