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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Faith Heals: A Positive Effect Of Faith In Our Well-being

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There is something beyond the excellent medical care we received that we should credit, it's "faith". Everyone has a spirituality that basically gives our life meaning and often rejected by rational minds (regardless of beliefs).

It is like "placebo effect" and it is sometimes prescribed by doctors, "being sick or failing to recover is a product of insufficient religiosity" Doctor Harold Koenig said, --Medical Centre Doctor in Durham.

Hundreds of research studies document the link between faith and health. Among the positive effects of piety.

A study of 21,000 people in the United States from 1981 to 1995 found a seven-year difference in life expectancy between those who never attend religious services and those who attend more than once a week.

In research co-conducted by epidemiologist Jeff Levin, author of "God, Faith, and Health, Older adults who considered themselves religious had fewer health problems and functioned better than the nonreligious.

Patients comforted by faith had three times chance of being alive six months after open-heart surgery than patients who found no comfort in religion, a 1995 Dartmound Medical School study found.

In a 1997 study in India, subjects -primarily Hindu - who prayed regularly were 70 percent less likely to have coronary heart disease.

In a 1989 study of 400 Caucasian men in Evans Country, Georgia, Duke researchers found a significant protective effect against high blood pressure among those who considered religion very important and who attended church regularly.

Attendance at a house of worship is related to lower rates of depression and anxiety, reported a 1999 Duke University study of nearly 4000 older adults.

Humans under psychological stress experience raised blood pressure and heart and breathing rates, straining the body and lowering immunity, says DR Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School and author of "The Relaxation Response". In many studies, Benson has found that an opposite response can be elicited by combining two steps: repeating a prayer, word, sound, phrase, or movement, and disregarding other thoughts. Medication, prayer, tai chi, and yoga all provoke this healthful state.

Source: September 2001 issued article of Elena Serocki of Readers Digest.

For me, there are religious dogmas or laws that are sometimes rejected by most of the skeptics that we all know can be result in better health. Bible teaches us not to commit adultery --that we should have only one spouse, we shouldn't get involved in Internet porns, we shouldn't eat blood because it is unhealthy and Can Lead To Some Serious Complications: If You're Not A Vampire Bat, Don't Do It

All do's and don't' of religious dogmas that if we are just honest with ourselves, we learned that if people get involved in doing those things they risk their health(Aids, Hiv, Erectile Malfunction, Heart Failure, etc.)

Whether it is just a bunch of stories or senseless laws, these rules and regulations that are somehow helpful and beneficial to our social, physical, mental and spiritual health.

Written by Chlester Dacuba, Lucis Philippines Contributor

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