Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Philippines Evangelist Accused Of Running A ‘Child Trafficking Ring’

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

A Filipino evangelist is being accused by a former church follower of running a “child trafficking ring.”

Kristina Angeles came to Hawaii on a religious visa in 2014 working for Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s Kingdom of Jesus Christ Church in Waipahu.

But in court documents, her attorney said Angeles was one of several minors forced to have sex with Quiboloy, who calls himself “the appointed son of God.” The lawyer, Deputy Public Defender Grant Giventer, made the allegations in a court case, in which his client is being accused by a female church member of  assault.

“If this matter goes to trial, I’m confident that once the jury learns of the brutality and rape perpetrated against Ms. Angeles and other unwilling minors by Pastor Quiboloy, the complainant and other ... witnesses will have their credibility eviscerated,” Giventer wrote in a March 19, 2018 memo to prosecutors.

But the church’s local attorney Michael Green said the accusations against Quiboloy are a diversion. The charges and counter-charges led the judge to delay the criminal case to February. Trial was supposed to start  Oct. 15.

“This case ... involves a less than ordinary set of circumstances," Circuit Judge Rom Trader said.

Hawaii News Now previously reported that the FBI is investigating Quiboloy, whose plane was seized at Honolulu Airport in February. A church official, Felina Salinas, was later indicted for trying to smuggle $335,000 out of the U.S.

FBI officials also have requested police records in which Angeles alleged three years ago that she and other followers were forced to sell manapua and Krispy Kreme on the streets of Honolulu. Angeles said church officials yelled at her, punched and kicked her if she didn’t sell enough.

Angeles also said that while in the Philippines, she was sent to a church compound where they made her wear an “orange t-shirt” and shaved her head.

Salinas was arrested by police in 2015 for allegedly assaulting Angeles.

“My belief is that Salinas' criminal activity relates to ... Pastor Quiboloy and his child sex ring, which we view as a very relevant aspect for our upcoming trial,” Giventer wrote.

Angeles said she ran away from the church three years ago because of the alleged abuse. Her attorney said the assault accusation Angeles is charged is a lie -- retaliation for running away.

Giventer added that the girl who accused Angeles made similar accusations against another church member, which prosecutors declined to pursue.

“I don’t now how you do that. That doesn’t make sense. if they believe the complainant, in theory, they would go forward," Giventer said in court today.

By Rick Daysog, Hawaii News One

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