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Monday, October 8, 2018

Singapore Removes School Rankings, Says Learning is Not Competition

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Singaporean Government thru the initiative of Education Minister Ong Ye Kung pushes on abolishing schools systematic rankings and says that education and learning is not all about competition.

Whoever finishes first or last, it doesn't matter anymore as long as they succeeded and learned things without feeling the threat of competition at school.

Ong said that students should not focus on making comparisons but to the learning and progress that they've received.

He reiterated that whatever assessments should not be counted to the overall grades of the student for them not to discourage, especially for primary level of education.

“I know that ‘coming in first or second’, in class or level, has traditionally been a proud recognition of a student’s achievement. But removing these indicators is for a good reason, so that the child understands from young that learning is not a competition, but a self-discipline they need to master for life." Ong said.

 However, the teachers will continue to teach and grade their students by using qualitative descriptors as bases.

“Notwithstanding, the report book should still contain some form of yardstick and information to allow students to judge their relative performance, and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.” He added.

Published by Mark Lester, Lucis Philippines


  1. "Learning is not a competition"- I was looking for some other update but when I read the title and start looking over the whole article. Students enjoy learning from fun lessons and Fun lessons can make students love, and care about their own education. Its a great read and thanks for sharing this post

  2. A great initiative which shifts focus from learning through self discipline Vs competitive learning. Unlearning and forming new habits are always a challenge. Parents will resist the approach till the push is through the system. Even if applied in India may not last as we have multiple boards and uniformity across is difficult. The irony of the situation is that regardless of the marks scored parents teachers and students have known all along where the child is placed in the learning curve!!

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