Friday, October 19, 2018

‘Snake Pastor’ Feeds Dog Meat To Congregants For Communion

Penuel Mnguni, pastor

Controversial "snake pastor" Penuel Mnguni who has fed snake and rat to his congregants has now chosen dog meat for communion.

In a video posted on the self-proclaimed prophet's End Times Disciples Ministries Facebook page on Sunday, Mnguni can be seen feeding dog meat to his followers.

In a separate post, which displays pictures of the dog before, during and after it was slaughtered, he says "it is not what goes through the mouth that disqualifies us and defile us but what comes out of the mouth – The heart matters most than what decomposes (Food we eat) (sic)".

"Christianity has shifted so much from time to time, however at End Times Disciples Ministries the move of God has been seen as many peoples faiths has also been challenged. From changing a snake to chocolate – to partaking octopus and frogs – a dog stew was prepared for the Church to partake as Holy Communion (sic)."

The post further said that Jesus never limited people to biscuits and juice, but commanded "that as often as we remember we partake his body and blood".

Penuel Mnguni, pastor

In the video, Mnguni can be heard saying that congregants are eating the body of Christ.
"It is no longer a dog, it is the flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ," Mnguni said.

"I prayed for these bones, this is no longer a dog. 
"… anyone who is against this, is against the Lord."
Mnguni also eats the meat himself, telling his followers that "people will say the man of God is not eating the dog".
"This is so nice," he says after taking a bite.
Later in the video, he also infers that HIV and cancer can be cured through prayer.

"Those who have sicknesses, HIV, overdue pregnancies, I pray. Here's the cross confronting your situation.

"Those who have cancer spirit, here's the cross anointing that cancer."

The pastor from Soshanguve in Tshwane has previously had his congregants eat snakes, hair and cockroaches.

By Alex Mitchley and Chante Schatz, News24

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