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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Chinese Zodiac Predictions For 2019

Year of the Pig, Zodiac Signs, Chinese New Year

How will your fortune change this coming year? Will the lucky star shine brightly upon you, or will you be entangled in bad luck? You’re probably looking forward to a joyful 2019. Let's take a look at the analysis of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs in the Year of the Pig. It will help navigate you toward good luck and steer away from bad luck. If you want 2019 to be a good year, don’t miss this one.

Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Rat

Birth year:1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

Your fortune at a glance: Smooth sailing ahead. Good things coming your way, left and right.

2019 Overall:4/5 stars

Don’t let things worry you; good fortune will come to you. In this year, you are well advised to take things as they come, settle yourself down, and savor the things in your life, big and small. The personal connections you have built will give you an exceedingly nice boost. People will show up at the right time to give you a hand when you are in a bind. They will shield you from the turbulences in life.

2019 Love:4/5 stars

Cupid is looking after you, giving you a chance to experience love at first sight. Your charm goes through the roof in this Year of the Pig. You have a chance to showcase your talent in front of the opposite sex. Even if you only put on a little makeup, you will still turn heads. On the other hand, being so attractive, you may need to be on the lookout to avoid unwanted relationships that just may ensnare you and never go away.

2019 Career:2/5 stars

You may just sit back and enjoy the fruits of past efforts; however, if you step out of your comfort zone to take on more challenging tasks, then things might not go your way as much as you expect them to. Since it is primarily a year of keeping what you’ve got safe, it is sensible to follow your routine at work. Think twice before you hop to a new job, start a business, or expand your production capacity.

2019 Wealth:3/5 stars

There won’t be many changes to your wealth. Your salary is stable but you need to be careful in investing and managing your wealth. Don’t overly rely on others, and especially don’t invest in something based on what you heard through the grapevine. When it comes to spending, be careful to avoid a bad romance that may cost you money. You should avoid confrontations with your family over money.

2019 Health:4/5 stars

A little sun in your heart leads your health to improve a fair bit. You will sleep well this year, and positive energies will abound in you. Family gatherings during your off time will cheer you up. Planning a series of exercises and following the plan will fill you with health and joy.

Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Ox

Birth year:1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

Your fortune at a glance: The long rains have finally stopped. Things will look up.

2019 Overall:4/5 stars

As you enter the Year of the Pig, your fortune takes a turn for the better. Be ready to open your door to the unstoppable good fortune coming your way. Your path forward will be much smoother. Set out to accomplish the little goals that you couldn’t achieve last year. Put them on your calendar and you will have a good chance of achieving them.

2019 Love:3/5 stars

Your romantic life will be uneventful this year. If you are single and want to date, try to meet a few people. As you get to know each other, your sharp eyes may unearth good things lying inside one of them and feelings for one another may develop. If you already have a companion, you need to treat every day that may seem bland as a day to celebrate. This will enrich and add romantic sparks to your relationship.

2019 Career :5/5 stars

This is a year of smooth sailing for your career. You can charge ahead hard, demonstrating your talents and leadership. It will be easy for others to recognize your merits. Be sure to take advantage of the abundant opportunities for promotions and raises. As summer rolls around though, you will face new challenges. Though stress may double, remain active and optimistic and your efforts will always bring you bountiful rewards.

2019 Wealth:4/5 stars

As you enter the Year of the Pig, your vigorous career will bring steadiness and growth to your wealth. Financial rewards will be rich as well if you are engaged in out-of-town endeavors. In this year, you will have a high rate of success in your business dealings and you will land a few nice projects. As for investing, it is advisable that you enter into short-term transactions; they will bring you quite a few pleasant surprises.

2019 Health:2/5 stars

You will be prone to minor health issues. Prolonged sitting will put strain on your spine. If you do not get enough sleep, you will be prone to suffer headaches and other problems. Following a simple diet and engaging in more outdoor activities will make you healthier in both body and mind. If you feel mental stress, go on a trip or out for a walk. Do not fall into a downward spiral as big issues will become small, and small issues will just dissipate.

Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Tiger

Birth year:1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Your fortune at a glance: A windy road ahead, with the good and the not so good alternating on your path.

2019 Overall:3/5 stars

Dark undercurrents lie underfoot - you will face troubles and arguments this year. Misunderstanding will follow from a lack of communication. Fortunately, people will help you in times of difficulty. Though the road to success is filled with twists and turns, you will eventually emerge from the challenges successful.

2019 Love:4/5 stars

Your romantic life may require a little extra effort this year. Take time to understand the other person. With real honesty, you will earn his/her heart and get good results. If you are single and dating, you have a chance to tie the knot. If you are married, make sure to leave the negative things at the workplace because such things tend to lead families to discord.

2019 Career :1/5 stars

It will be a busy year. If you don’t work hard, things will go downhill. Someone at work may stab you in the back so watch out. Never allow yourself to be engulfed in feelings of disorder, hurriedness, and anxiety. Reorient yourself at the correct moments and don’t let the outside world sway you; instead, listen to your inner voice.

2019 Wealth:2/5 stars

Your wealth may drain like a leaky pale. You may easily lose things when you are out and about, so keep your money and other valuables in a safe place, out of sight and reach of thieves. Fortunately, you may acquire a surprise fortune this year. Get into drawings and you may reap nice rewards.

2019 Health:3/5 stars

You may often feel the illusion of your body being drained empty. You may lose sleep, vigor and appetite. Bring your medication along when you go on business trips in case you become ill in a strange land. Once you notice discomfort, see a doctor immediately. Be optimistic and learn to relieve yourself of stress.

Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Rabbit

Birth year:1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

Your fortune at a glance: Happiness can be found in all facets of your life.

2019 Overall:5/5 stars

Even the gods are behind your fortune. This will be a year of happiness. With good news from all directions, you can’t stop smiling. Experiencing good luck themselves, people will help you with your career and romantic life. You may run into a few small issues come autumn, but don’t sweat. Listen to the advice of people around you and all difficulties will be resolved.

2019 Love:5/5 stars

Cupid will be kind and gentle to you this year. Surprises will fill your love life. If you are single, people making overtures abound, tempting you and making you feel like you are on cloud nine. If you find compatibility with the opposite sex, grasp the opportunity; don’t hesitate. When someone tries to tell you gossip about your mate, you need to be able to tell right from wrong. Don’t blindly believe others. Keep your communication channels with your mate open.

2019 Career:5/5 stars

Your career grows steadily toward a bright future. If you have set your goal and made the plans to achieve it, nothing can stop you from moving forward. This is undoubtedly the best news for you as you have been itching to work hard to advance your career. In the Year of the Pig, people will help you with your career. Be mindful of conversations from people around you who were born in the years of the pig or the goat, because they may hide important messages.

2019 Wealth:2/5 stars

Your wealth will not change this year. Overnight riches are still a daydream for you. Your vigorous career brings you a steady income but surprise fortune evades you. Be conservative with the management of your finances. To avoid losses, never invest blindly.

2019 Health:3/5 stars

Your health will be unchanged this year. Your body is susceptible to seasonal changes. You are susceptible to colds, dizziness, and headaches when seasons change and temperatures during the day and night fluctuate greatly. Staying in air-conditioned rooms in summer degrades your body’s ability to function and lowers your ability to fend off germs and viruses. Be careful not to fall ill because of air conditioning.

Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Dragon

Birth year:1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Your fortune at a glance: Good things await come spring.

2019 Overall:3/5 stars

Dust off the gloomy darkness of the last year and your fortune will gradually change for the better. Ideas in your mind finally come to fruition, although the path leading to success is not smooth sailing. This is a fortune of bitterness first and sweetness last. Work hard first and you will earn yourself a brighter future.

2019 Love:2/5 stars
Your romantic signals are weaker this year. A strong thirst for graduating from being single does not yield a high rate of success. If you go on blind dates with the intent to marry, you may come across troublesome dates. Avoid dates who were born in the years of the dog or the ox. If you already have a companion and you live too much in the little world inside yourself, you may make your companion feel ignored.

2019 Career:3/5 stars
Skills are learned and grown little by little over time. If you want to be competitive, building up your capabilities, one step at a time, is the most effective approach. Competition comes with stress. Treat the colleagues around you well. They may well be your career boosters to give you a helping hand at just the right time.

2019 Wealth:4/5 stars

Plutus, the god of wealth, will look after you this year. Your ability to pull in money will grow. Good instincts, quickness to smell money from information and a large circle of acquaintances all make it easier for you to make money with the help of your friends and gain the joy of money filling your pockets. You also need to be content and rein in your desires in order to get the real wealth and satisfaction.

2019 Health:3/5 stars

Attention! Fluctuating emotions will directly affect your health. If you are engulfed by negative energy over too long a period of time, you may become susceptible to diseases. Please remain equanimous. Don’t allow anything to spoil your mood. It’s humid in spring, so you may feel tight in the chest. Try aerobic exercises in your spare time to help the circulation of your blood and qi, pushing the unwanted moisture out of your body.

Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Snake

Birth year:1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

Your fortune at a glance: Your support group won’t be there. It’s hard for you to do things alone.

2019 Overall:2/5 stars

This is a year of many variables. There are many obstacles on your path forward. Despite your talents, you cannot find a place to demonstrate them. You can’t find time to do the things that you want to do, or you may be misunderstood by those around you. You can’t pin your hope on others this year. By relying only on yourself do you have the chance to emerge from adversity.

2019 Love:3/5 stars

Have you always felt that nobody knows you? Single Snake, you have many friends of the opposite sex, but none of them is your cup of tea. You have always wanted to find that special someone, that soul mate. Well, you could, though not without a little more effort. If you already have a companion, but hindered by restlessness and anxiety, communication between the two of you has become a little hindered. The two of you often have different opinions.

2019 Career :4/5 stars

Though your overall fortune doesn’t look all that bright, your career is healthy. Your capabilities are well recognized among your colleagues. You are advised not to go for it alone. You don’t necessarily have to collaborate with other people. Working in a team often makes you anxious. You and your colleagues may not always see eye to eye about things, and you may have ideological differences. You need to rein in your temper and adapt yourself to the situation. A high EQ will help you pull through difficulties, time and again.

2019 Wealth:2/5 stars

Your wealth fluctuates with more volatility this year. You may incur unexpected expenditures, such as a wedding gift for friends or taking people out to eat, which adds to your financial pressure. You need to be a little cautious when investing so that you can avoid losing everything.

2019 Health:1/5 stars

You are susceptible to aches and pains this year. You need to pay extra attention to your own health, especially the knee. If you work out of town, be extra careful. If you have a trip planned, you may opt to buy insurance for yourself. Your emotions are easily swayed and unsettled this year. Optimism and self-confidence are very important.

Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Horse

Birth year:1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

Your fortune at a glance: Looking for a needle in a haystack with toil and sweat.

2019 Overall:3/5 stars

The harder you work, the more fortunate you become. In the Year of the Pig, your life and your career both need to be advanced with only labor and hard work. If you slack off, you will miss opportunities that are originally yours. You are destined to need to work hard this year. If you come across difficult tasks, hang in there and you will have new harvests.

2019 Love:2/5 stars

There are a few twists and turns in your romantic life. If you are single and you have a strong desire to seek love, you will meet dates who you want to pursue, but your pursuit will often be a struggle. You are married, but because of your work, you have not given your family as much time and love as you would like to. It will be easy for your marriage to fall into a period of fatigue and you can hardly breathe under the pressure of the little things in everyday life. The keyword for your marriage in the Year of the Pig is tolerance.

2019 Career:2/5 stars

At work, many things just pop up that catch you unawares. You should hold steady. Don’t waver in your course of action. Guard what you already have. Laziness and slacking off only lead to errors and hinder your promotion. You will face opportunities to switch jobs; think twice before you jump ship. Never take a new job for the higher pay alone.

2019 Wealth:4/5 stars

Your financial life will unfold much better than your career. Your pay as an employee is stable, and your past efforts will lead to good rewards. Bonuses will make you smile. You may also have surprise income, reaping nice returns from your investments in stocks and foreign currencies. Even if you encounter unfavorable circumstances, you will emerge from them unscathed. You must not make risky investments.

2019 Health:3/5 stars

Busy work and pressure from life often make you drained. Overtime work eats into your sleep, making the dark circles under your eyes even more serious. That also messes up your endocrinal system and can lead to a few minor conditions. Health is the foundation on which you build everything else, so don’t ignore any minor maladies.

Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Goat

Birth year:1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

Your fortune at a glance: Propitiousness and unstoppable good things.

2019 Overall:5/5 stars

The lucky star shines brightly upon you, good news comes in continuously, and good things find their way to you. Your keyword for this Year of the Pig is home. You must mindfully nurture your home and it will become your warmest haven and greatest support to propel you forward. There are a few things that may not go well enough for you in your job but that is the best result that you can ask for. Rest easy; don’t let that bother you.

2019 Love:5/5 stars

This is a superb year for your romantic life. Love is all over you. If you are single, you will have opportunities to meet mates of the opposite sex who are compatible with you in temperament and values. You are dating, and you have a chance to tie the knot this year. Be aware that when the two of you talk about marriage, you will easily get into arguments over different opinions. You are married, and this is a suitable year to welcome a new life into your home.

2019 Career:2/5 stars

Guard and maintain what you have achieved in your career because that is your best choice. This is a year to settle yourself down. It’s not yet time for you to make explosive moves forward, so calm down and learn. Recharging is a must for you. You can’t always accomplish what you want to do on your first try. When you experience setbacks, doing it alone only makes you weaker. Seeking partners who were born in a year of the rabbit will double your good luck.

2019 Wealth:5/5 stars
You are hot in your romantic life, and the same goes for your luck in betting and gambling. This is a year of great wealth. Luck of unknown origin looks after you and gives you a sizable income, especially from surprise sources. In casinos, you will win more than you lose as if the gods were behind you. In drawings, your chances of winning greatly exceed those in the past. Furthermore, many unexpected pleasant surprises await you.

2019 Health:3/5 stars

Your pleasurable life is further enhanced with the arrival of many entertaining events. You will attend more social functions, eating out and drinking more. Be mindful of your health. If you often attend social functions or drink, you need to watch out for health issues with your liver, gallbladder, spleen, and stomach. Cut down on or abstain from hot, spicy and greasy food. Exercise and you will relieve your tiredness from working too hard.

Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Monkey

MONKEYBirth year:1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Your fortune at a glance: Double the work for only half the reward. Attend to one thing but lose track of the other thing.

2019 Overall:2/5 stars

Your fortune waxes and wanes. The environment is not instrumental for taking actions. Side issues always get in the way of your actions. People don’t recognize your talents, and you lament that you have limited opportunities with which to do the things that you wish to do. Circumspection is the word for you. If you can make a plan of action this year and follow it, you will have good results. Do not waver in your resolve or be swayed by others.

2019 Love:2/5 stars

Your romance will be on the darker side a little. Sparks of romance will only show occasionally. You have opportunities to make new friends of the opposite sex. If you wish only to date and not to be serious, you may run into difficulties in the future in your relationships. Avoid trying to make many friends just to make sure that you have someone to fall back on. If you do that, you will eventually come out empty-handed.

2019 Career:1/5 stars

Hold steady. Only by remaining calm, rational, and unconcerned about winning or losing can you help brighten up your dim fortune. You are prone to make wrong judgement calls when others interfere, and therefore you end up doing the work but getting the blame for it. It is advisable that you remain inconspicuous in your job and do your work quietly so as to remain unharmed by your own actions.

2019 Wealth:3/5 stars

Your wealth is steady with neither pleasant surprises nor big turbulence. If you lower your material desires, you will have a content year. Your regular income will be steady. Seek progress in stability, waiting for your opportunity to meet fortune. Do not speculate, and most especially steer clear of areas that you are not familiar with so as not to lose your savings.

2019 Health:4/5 stars

You do the best in this department this year. Solid health is the foundation of revolutions, but you don’t disregard health management just because of that. You need to keep a good balance between work and leisure to keep yourself comfortable. However busy you may be, eat your meals regularly. During the transition from spring to summer, be especially careful to prevent the flu and enterovirus. Do not ignore small things.

Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Rooster

Birth year:1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

Your fortune at a glance: Smooth sailing ahead for a leisurely year.

2019 Overall:4/5 stars
It will be a comfortable year for you. Your fortune is as bright as the sun and as pleasing as a light breeze. The annoyances of the previous year gradually go away. Your life becomes better and better. Expect pleasant things to happen. You will get nice help from people in this Year of the Pig. You have a smoother path to examinations and school admissions.

2019 Love:2/5 stars

If you want to date this year, waiting and safeguarding are the key words. Even when you meet a person that you really like and would like to advance your relationship, you will want to take your time and begin as friends. If you already have a companion, you need to see and appreciate the good things about them. Avoid hurtful words in your arguments because even unintentional utterances hurt.

2019 Career:3/5 stars

You are not aggressive in your pursuit of advancement, and you enjoy your current leisurely life. When you see others doing well, you may occasionally feel jealous but your attempt to work harder to advance often lasts but a short time. It’s hard for you to persist. When you want to act but lack vigor, you feel anxious. At times like these, you need to avoid grabbing attention or being forceful.

2019 Wealth:4/5 stars
The floodgate of wealth opens wide for you this year. Regular income does well. Salaried people will get raises and possibly surprise bonuses. Your previous investments in stock and mutual funds all give you nice return this year. People even offer you moonlighting jobs that pay well. If you put your mind to them, they will open up a new avenue to wealth.

2019 Health:5/5 stars

This is a year of excellent health for you. You will be vigorous and you will look great. Your ability to fend off germs and viruses improves greatly, and old illnesses get better. Be cheerful and that will fill you with sunny energies. If you have a chance, go ahead, soak up some sun. Spending time in nature will give you more positive energies.

Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Dog

Birth year:1946, 1958, 1970 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

Your fortune at a glance: Early sweet rains expels the drought. The new replaces the old.

2019 Overall:3/5 stars
You finally say goodbye to the shock of the setbacks from the previous year, giving rise to the beginning of a brand-new year. You rid yourself of melancholy, so your life becomes very comfortable. Your past actions that got stuck in some bottlenecks will be unstuck and will see new life this year. Discarding the old for the new is the key to your success, so you need to toss the old ways of thinking and refuse to obey the set rules in order to open up new frontiers.

2019 Love:3/5 stars

Being single, you have been forced to see your friends gleam with the joy of companionship. You strongly desire to date, but you just can’t find that special someone. People connect you with new friends, but if your goal is companionship and not a real relationship, your dates will be a dead end. In fact, your special romantic someone is hidden among your good friends. Watch out for that person who cares for you tenderly.

2019 Career:4/5 stars

Opportunities abound for you to do great things in your career. As long as you work hard, promotions and raises are on the cards. You will get new assignments on the job, which will be your opportunity as well as your challenge. You must be well prepared and your rewards will not be monetary alone. This opens up new possibilities for you in the future.

2019 Wealth:1/5 stars

When it comes to making money, you are probably more talk than action. Surprise income is few and far between for you. If you want to fill your pockets with money, working hard on your career is a more practical way, than speculation, to achieve that. Steady your regular income. The more you work, the more money you make. Your income is in direct proportion to your efforts.

2019 Health:2/5 stars

No apparent improvements are to be found in the Year of the Pig. You need to pay a high degree of attention to your health and that of your family. Don’t disregard a disease, not even a little cold. It is especially important that when seasons change, you see the doctor immediately when you notice that something is not right. You need to improve your ability to fend off germs and viruses this year, and exercise is a must for you.

Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Dog

Birth year:1935, 1947, 1959, 1971 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

Your fortune at a glance: Hunker down, wait for your moment.

2019 Overall:1/5 stars

You will see big swings in your fortune this year. Defense is your primary course of action. Take a step back and use it as a way forward. Any action may lead to accidents and followed by vexation. When you come across setbacks, you tend to be affected by negative emotions. You lose confidence, and, if it gets really serious, you think of suicide. You need to learn to introspect and release negative energies.

2019 Love:1/5 stars

Romance will hardly come your way this year. If you are single, you will likely feel lonely and empty inside. However, you are fortunate not to fall into a stalemate in romance. If you are married, you will have one marriage issue after another, and you never know what will come up next. It is easy for you to argue with your spouse over money or trivial matters in life. You had better not get into a cold war with your spouse, otherwise your feelings for each other will be diluted and you may become ostensible partners with different agendas.

2019 Career:2/5 stars

You need to be on the ball when it comes to your career. Your competition will deprive you the option of staying put. Only by unceasingly making yourself better can you keep your position in the face of powerful competition. You will encounter many obstacles at work. You need to learn to grow in adversity and always remain optimistic.

2019 Wealth:4/5 stars

Your wealth will increase against all odds this year. As long as you actively seek to advance, your efforts will eventually be rewarded. You will also have unexpected surprises coming your way to add color and shine to your life. People will help you. It is easy for you to see opportunities for wealth during conversations. You should interact with people in order to obtain more information.

2019 Health:2/5 stars

Watch out! In the Year of the Pig, even a small ailment or pain deserves your attention and concern. Go to a hospital for a check-up and treatment as soon as possible to prevent small illnesses from becoming big problems. Put in enough hours for sleep, and cut back occasions for eating out. Otherwise a diet poor in nutrition and hygiene may lead you to enter gastritis and other diseases.

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