Friday, January 4, 2019

Fried Air Dish – The Most Special And Delicious Air You’ll Ever Try In This Life

Fried Air

Have you ever tried this "fried air" dish? This is the most special dish in the 21st century, now appearing in the reputable restaurant in Italy.

Fried air is now available at a famous Italian restaurant. When enjoying this special dish, customers do not feel the bitter taste of salty ordinary sweet, but the taste of fresh air in the mountains, forests.

Michelin star chef Nicola Dinato has showcased a startling ‘fried air’ dish at the Feva Restaurant in the Italian town of Castelfranco Veneto on Tuesday.

Nicola says that frying air was started from the idea of creating a gourmet dish. To create this, he and his colleagues spent months nursing and developing the idea.

“How to fry air? It’s not simple to do”, Mr. Nicolas shared.

To make this dish, Dinato first created so-called tapioca ‘clouds’, made out of a tapioca base. Following the process, tapioca ‘clouds’ are fried and then dried.

The chef used cassava powder to cover the outside to form the round shaped powder which was then fried in boiling oil.

At last, the most curious ingredient is introduced for ten minutes — the ozone.

The chef said, “If you cook this dish in a microwave oven, it still has the crunchy flavor, but it’s easy to stick to your teeth when you eat it.”

Next, the fried pieces of air are placed on cotton candy, making them look like beautiful floating clouds.

And finally, enjoy a special meal together.

According to the chef, this dish is an invitation to reflection. To make people aware that we are experiencing a historic moment, in which nothingness is more and more important.

If you want to enjoy this dish, you only have to pay 30 US dollar. These dishes are exclusive to chef Nicola Dinato. If you want to enjoy, let go to the Feva restaurant in Italy!

By Feedy TV

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