Monday, March 4, 2019

Flat Earther Accidentally Prove That The Earth Has Curve

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The Flat Earth movement is one that continues to astound everyone as they brazenly deny scientific proof with no tangible evidence of their own.

The latest embarrassment within the ranks comes courtesy of the documentary Behind The Curve which recently began streaming on Netflix. During the latter scenes of the film, a bunch of Flat Earthers set up an experiment that they claim will once again prove that the Earth is flat.

The science is pretty legitimate – they argue that if they line up a set of holes over a long distance and then shine a light through each of them, that if the Earth is flat then the light will be able to be seen through each of the holes. In what can only be described as a complete and utter joke, the guy behind the final hole has to hold the light way above his head in order for them to see it from the first one because – you guessed it – the Earth is flat.

After that the movie literally fades out with Flat Earther Jeran Campanella saying something like ‘that’s interesting – very interesting’ – sure he’ll figure out some bogus theory to explain it though sooner rather than later. 

Check out the footage below:

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