Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Retired priest, 85, lands new career as PORN STAR and says he enjoys it

priest, Norm Self
A RETIRED priest has found a new career as a porn star and says he is enjoying "mind-blowing" sex.
Norm Self, 85, from North Carolina, feels "more vibrant" than ever, because his "erotic energy has taken over".

Mr Self joined the clergy at the age of 18.

Having grown up in a religious household, it felt like a normal progression.

But it was during his 28-year marriage that Mr Self found his real self.

Working as a campus minister in 1997, he came across a group of men who came out as gay, and this in turn led him to think: "Guess what, I'm a gay man".


He has now made four adult films in the last two years and he is not even paid for them.

Mr Self feels as though he's "having a party".

Mr Self recalls learning about his sexuality on Channel 5 documentary, OAPS On The Game: The Sex Business.

He said: "My housemate asked me if I’d be in a film.

"I was invited in and all of a sudden all this attention comes to me.

“We are going to have sex anyway so why not make it a liberating and bonding experience instead of hiding it away in the shadows?"

Mr Self said he's not worried about the friends who would cut him off "because that's their struggle".

Last year, Mr Self described making his first adult film as "delightful".

Speaking to The Huffington Post he said the "best part was just being there and doing it".

The 85-year-old hopes he can inspire the next generation to not feel trapped "in the norm".

By Aletha Adu, The Sun

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