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Sunday, July 7, 2019

A Boy Unknowingly Eat His Chicken Pet For Dinner

chicken, china, boy

Chicken is just a meat, however, for some people they are also considered as pet. Just like what happened to a 6-year-old boy in China and his chicken pet, on which their master-pet relationship didn't end well.

William Lin shared a post in a Facebook group, Subtle Asian Traits, about his story and how he manage to take care his chicken pet when he was a boy, including the sudden disappearance of it.

In his post, he said that he raised a chick in China who became his favorite pet. He named it "Pe nis", not knowing what does it means because he was young back then. He also said that he always play with Pe nis and bring it where ever he go.

Suddenly, one day after school he came back home. He noticed that Pe nis wasn't there, that is why he asked his parents where is his pet. His parents told her that Pe nis is just around, taking his nap. A young and naive William believed them.

During their dinner, they ended up having chicken soup, William's favorite meal. After dinner, he asked his parents again if Pe nis is done with his nap. But his parents answered him that Pe nis was not feeling well and they are not sure if Pe nis will wake up anytime soon, so William should take a rest as well for his class tomorrow.

chicken, china, boy

Next day in the morning, Williams grandparents ended up telling the truth that the chicken meat used in their dinner is his loving Pe nis. He cried for almost 5 days realizing that he ate his own pet. After what happened William started to have trust issues.

This story shows the reality that our missing pets eventually may be used as meat for our consumption.

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