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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Men Should Marry Chubby Women To Live Happier 10 Times More, Study Suggests

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According to a research conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, an interesting connection was found in a large number of men who are in relationship with chubby women stated that they were in a 10 times happier marriage.

The study was carried out to conduct an inquiry about success and happiness in certain relationships on which different aspects of a partner were taken into account such as the age, intellectual capacity, socioeconomic condition, mental capability and such.

A survey was used to collect data and assess thoughts and opinions of partners who are in a relationship.

When the profiles of women who are chubby were scrutinized and assessed, certain characteristics were concluded that greatly fit male, which perfectly leads to a successful and happy marriage.

Here are the reasons why:
  • Chubby companions are regard as probable on what their husbands need, making them happy and satisfied. 

  • They value their men more than themselves.

  • They are faithful and more responsible wives to their men.

  • Thinner women are more aggressive than them.

  • They are more independent and more comfortable living with their husbands and children.
Choosing the right life partner is a high stake decision. You have to select the right partner in order to live a happy married life, but there is nothing better than choosing a full figured woman that you can lean on along your journey and making the quality of your life in a greater extent.

Published by Mark Lester,  Lucis Philippines

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