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Monday, July 8, 2019

Dad Visits His Daughter After She Appears In A Dream, Horrifies After Finding Her Dead

dead, died, dead body

Remnants of a woman was found inside her house at Pathum Thani, Bangkok, Thailand by the Thai police. It is confirmed that the cadaver has been there for at least 6 months, however, what is more shocking and terrifying is that the bizarre discovery of body, which started with a dream.

Boonlong Boonplun, 71 years of age, confessed in a report that he had a dream about his late wife and daughter, Thiphaphat Phaksuk, 46, visiting him on June 15.

When he woke up that day, he said he wasn't feel good as if something is not right. That's why he decided to visit her daughter's house, about 20 km away from his home in Phichit District.

Upon arriving at the house, he was confused why his daughter's house looked like abandoned for a long time as weeds were found around the house. He then move closer and smelled something strange as if something is decaying, so he asked for security officers to break and look for the house.

In their horror, they found the decaying body of Thiphaphat Phaksuk beside the toilet's door which was located on the ground floor of the 2-storey house.

Boonlong Boonplun also confirmed that her daughter has been living alone since she divorced her husband.

dead, died, dead body

Some of the neighbors when asked about the matter said that they thought Thiphaphat Phaksuk moved out because they haven't seen and heard from her for a long time.

A sobbing Boonlong also said that even though they didn't live far away from each other, he haven't heard from her daughter for quite some time as well.

Her daughter was always busy and not at home that's why even he wanted to visit her before he had not got a chance.

In a report from the Thai police based on their initial investigation, the death of Thiphaphat didn't look suspicious and a low probability of having another party involved.

The police believed that she died from heart attack, that's why the remnants was sent to a hospital for autopsy to determine the the reason and actual cause of death of the victim.

It is kinda creepy that her father would dream of his daughter and suddenly find her dead.

By any case and means, may her soul rest in peace.

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