Monday, July 29, 2019

Feeling Lonely? Buy These Pair of Muscular Boyfriend Arms with Built-In Speakers

otome yuusha

Afraid that you’ll be forever alone?

Fear not, because here’s a muscular pair of arms to ‘teman’ you during your lonely times.

A Japanese company has recently released a pair of immersive speakers built in a couple of realistic arms, with a 2D face attached on top.

The same company created the RPG game, Otome Yuusha, and the portable boyfriend is actually one of the video game characters they created.

otome yuusha

If you didn’t know what an Otome game is, it means “maiden game”, a story-based video game that’s targeted towards women. One of the goals of Otome games is to establish a romantic relationship between the player’s female character and one of the few male characters.

The exciting part of Otome games is that professional voice actors usually voice the characters’ voices, so not only do you get to enjoy interesting story plots, but also soothing voices to make your ears melt.

otome yuusha

otome yuusha

With a pair of immersive speakers attached to the biceps, players get to go on “realistic” dates with the male characters, taking the virtual game to another level.

According to @NagataBros (the people who created this brilliant device), the arms could also “hug the players romantically from behind”, which we assume could significantly enhance the player’s experience. Just imagine a pair of hunky arms hugging you from behind when you feel lonely, and a soothing voice speaking right by your ears, isn’t that comforting?

By Roxanne Tai, World of Buzz

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