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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Left-Handed Boys Are More Likely To Become Gay, Researchers Confirm

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A research claims in Canada that left-handedness of men is one of the factors that make them more likely to be gay.

In some studies, having other gay people in your house can also significantly attribute as a marker.

According to a research conducted by the University of Toronto, left-handed men are 34% more likely to be gay than heterosexual men.

Fraternal Birth Order Effect

Based on the observation in several studies, Ray Blanchard identified that the more older brothers a man has from the same mother, the greater the probability is that he will have a homosexual orientation by around 14.8%.

According to the researchers, homosexuality do tend to have a higher birth order than heterosexuality, and this higher birth order is attributed to homosexual men having greater number of older brothers.

And each older brother can also increase a male child's naturally occurring odds of being a homosexual by 28–48%.

It has been estimated that approximately 1 out of 7 homosexual males owe their sexual orientation to the fraternal birth order effect.

Gay men who had several older brothers were ‘primarily’ right-handed, the University of Toronto authors wrote.

In a research participated by more than 800 gay men, 63% did not have any sign or marker to be a gay, and have the same profiles to straight guy.

These group of people also have different psychological profiles.

The researchers found that the gay men with no sign seen to be most likely to be gender-conforming.

Thus means they are acting just like a typical man rather than a typical homosexual man, just like in the workplace, they tend to be mechanics, firefighter, police and so.

Jobs factor

Author of a journal in PNAS wrote that gay men with many old brothers are carried out with jobs typically for women.

The journal explained that some males become gay when they have many older brothers, because every time a woman gives birth to a male boy, it triggers an immune response in the mother’s body lowering the response of the next subsequent boys that affect their brain development and their sexual orientation.

Published by Mark Lester, Lucis Philippines

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