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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Man Dies During Sex Competition

Nigeria, sex competition

Man dies on top of his partner during the sex competition in Nigeria after finishing and lasted for several rounds, but couldn’t get past at the seventh.

A middle-aged Nigerian man has sadly died during a sex competition after endeavoring to finish the seventh round of the sex competition in Nigeria state of Lagos.

The deceased man was identified as Davy who was reportedly died on top of his sex contender identified as Loveth.

Davy allegedly took Loveth to a popular hotel in Ikotun at Lagos after t/hey argued which a-*m*-ong them could last and have better sexual stamina and found no better way to find out than a sex marathon as neither would admit to being the weaker partner.

He was full of himself that he has the power over Loveth, not knowing what could happen next, Loveth at the very beginning said that she already warned Davy that he couldn't withstand her ability in bed, but the deceased ignored it.

Davy didn't mind what Loveth had said and still staked $140 to Loveth for her to show and bet for the occasion.

During their competition, Davy was able to give 6 good rounds, he was too lively and active as if there's no tomorrow that awaits for him.

However, at the seventh round he was not able to hold it and sadly didn't survive his death, as he collapsed and died on top of the woman.

According to the PM Express, the woman was shocked of what happened and urgently called for help. The hotel manager handed over Loveth to the Police Division for investigation, while the deceased body of Davy was turned in to the hospital for autopsy.

Loveth narrated the entire incident after she was transferred to the SCIID Panti Yaba, where if she was found out to be guilty of what happened to the man she would be convicted.

The Twitter community after knowing what happened to the man had sent their tribute:

"Young man dies during sex competition after seventh round. Detail in photo….. Where else @ Nigeria. Those of you who like sex more than gari no" said Nii's Bae🚶‍♀️ (@KwakuStifler) on Twitter.

"Make sure you do intence training before agreeing to sex marathon. I found out on Thorsday a Nigeria: Man Dies After Seventh Round in Sex Competition" another user said.

Photo Credit: The Guardian Nigeria

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