Sunday, July 7, 2019

Men Who Marry Smart Women Live Healthier and Longer, Study Shows

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University of Aberdeen conducted a new research and found out that men who married smart women tend to live longer and happier more than the others.

According to D'Marge, mind is much important than beauty, and that living with a smart companion is healthier to mind and body as this kind of partner avoid pointless fights and dominate your life.

A smart wife also protects her partner from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.

She can give you a talk, comfort, and joy that are the great factors on avoiding and preventing the development of dementia.

Intelligent marital companion may also share her time and knowledge to you by challenging and exercising your mental capacity by playing games that can enhance your brain function.

Playing crossword puzzles every Sunday will be helpful on activating your brain on which acts as a major barrier to possible threat of diseases once aging.

After looking at the health of identical twins and found that their environment including to whom they married, affects the risk of developing dementia, the study concluded that having a smart wife is a factor that protects against degenerative diseases.

Men were literally prone to degenerative diseases, but thanks to your intelligent and lively women, you didn't even show a single physical sign of dementia.

Dementia is more common in people at the age between 30 to 65, but with the help of a partner that has a high intellectual capacity and higher education, you don't have to worry anymore because you have your wife with positive lifestyle choices that can make a huge impact on your brain health. It is vividly and clearly shown that behind every good and healthy man, there is a good and smart woman.

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