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What your social networking photo says about you

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What does your photo on social networking sites reveal about your personality?

So you thought your social networking page is the ideal way to portray a larger-than-life image? Then, it’s time to do a recheck. An intimate photograph on your social networking site or gothic art can actually speak a thousand words about the deep recesses of your mind. We spoke to psychologists to find out what your cyber behaviour reveals about your personality.

The frequent DP changers

“People who keep on changing their profile pictures are insecure, lack in confidence and are often very flippant in their decisions. Such people are also found to be suspicious and don’t trust others easily. Some even show traits of split personality and always remain dissatisfied with their decisions,” said psychologist Amool Ranjan. “This trait shows that a person is suffering from identity crisis and actually wants to explore himself in the views of others. They are also attention seekers,” said another psychologist Kaptan Singh Sengar.

Those with pictures of celebrities

Said Ranjan, “It shows that the person is carefree. Such people like to idolize others and are not too successful in life. They are not confident and often seek other’s opinions. They are introvert and are hesitant in disclosing their personal matters.” Sengar added, “Usually such individuals' world is very limited. Their desire and wishes remain hidden somewhere deep within. By uploading someone else’s picture, they feel projected. They are dreamers and like to remain in the fantasy world.”

Those who upload intimate photos

“Such people are usually attention seekers and are insecure in their relationships. They suffer from inferiority complex. To conceal it, they try and be more expressive,” shared Ranjan. Said Sengar, “This behaviour shows sheer immaturity and urge to seek attention. Such people lack in self esteem and can hardly be trustworthy in relationships. It also shows that they have suffered setback in relationships at some point of their lives.”

Users of slang in status messages

Said Ranjan, “They are frustrated souls who have faced lots of failures and criticism in life. So to compensate that they hurt others by being offensive. They might be weak in their communication skills. They try and make it up by being offensive.” Another psychologist, Suprakash Chaudhary said, “It shows the amount of failure they have faced in life. To make up for it, they use social media as the medium to abuse masses at one go without being subjected to legal proceedings.”

Frequent status message changers

“In a bid to sound expressive and extrovert, people keep on updating their status messages. Sometimes they even end up revealing their private lives. But it just shows how much of an inferiority complex the person has. In such a case, the views of others matter more and that shows a lack of self-confidence. Such people are weak in their judgmental abilities. They can never stick to their decisions,” said Ranjan. Chaudhary said this trait can be seen as part of being defensive. “Such people believe in saying more but end up doing little. They are bad adjudicators,” he said.

Those always on busy mode

Said Ranjan, “Some people do it purposely. But when it becomes a habit, it shows a person’s social withdrawal symptoms. They don’t want to interact with people or are only concerned about their own interests.” On this trait, Chaudhary said, “Such netizens don’t need society’s approval. They are not bothered about rules and regulation and live life on their terms. But sometimes the continued ignorance may lead to depression.”

Gothic art as DP

Said Ranjan, “Such people are complex and mysterious. It’s very difficult to understand them and that’s what they enjoy. They are reserved and don’t share too much with people. They try to solve their problems themselves.” Sengar agreed, saying, “Though the person might be perfectly alright, they always feel they aren’t well. These people are concerned about their physical appearances. That’s the reason they often find faults with their health.”

Source: Time of India

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