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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Bishop Made a Bizarre Claim Why Gay People Exist


Origin of homosexuality has been in the debate up at this time. Many claims were presented, but none of it truly satisfied and proved where and how homosexuality was formed.

Recently, a Bishop of Morphou Neophytos in a village of Akiki, Cyprus took controversial remarks about his theory on the origin of homosexuality.

He claimed that there are people who are born homosexual because a woman might enjoy anal sex while she is pregnant, and this desire for anal sex is somehow passed down to the generation of offspring as a result.

“It is a problem, which is usually transmitted by parents to the child,” the bishop said.

The bishop said that when a woman has anal sex, “A desire is created, which is then transmitted to the unborn child.”

“It happens during the parent’s intercourse on pregnancy. It follows an abnormal sexual act between the parents. To be more clear, anal sex. [Saint Porphyrios] says that when the woman likes that, a desire is born, and then the desire is passed on to the child,” he added.

However, the claim has received a lot of criticisms and outrage a lot of people, because the theory was only based on an unverified study and logic.

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