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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Brazil’s President Is Behind The Amazon Rainforest Fire, Leaked Documents Show

Brazil, Amazon rainforest, amazon fire

Amazon rainforest known on inhabiting wildlife species and providing 20 percent of the world's oxygen continues to burn for almost 4 weeks.

In line with the widerange fire is the controversy with the presence of the government in Brazil to build infrastructures, highways and plants to convert the Amazon rainforest into a more industrialized place, this argument was supported by certain documents.

Information about President Bolsonaro of Brazil strategically occupying the Amazon rainforest by starting a fire rage for their potential growth had leaked over.

Brazil, Amazon rainforest, amazon fire

Thus this received outrage from different people around the globe urging the government to take action and full responsibility of the situation.

However, Bolsonaro only responded that they are lack of resources to stop the fire, so they can't do anything furthermore. And that the situation is a serious calamity that the state can't hand on.

Because of the statement from the President, the doubt against him had increased. People believed that the fire was intended to open the pending development projects of the government.


 Published by Mark Lester, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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