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Friday, August 16, 2019

Girl Unknowingly Poops Her Short In Public, Boyfriend Helps To Clean

poop girlfriend

A 19-year-old girl in Taiwan shared her most embarrassing moment with her boyfriend when she unknowingly pooped on his short.

She said that they went out for a spicy meal and realized that her stomach wasn't in good condition. They looked for public comfort room around but none is available, all are fully occupied. Out of desperation, she asked her boyfriend to drive her home.

Before riding in her boyfriend's car she harmlessly adjusted her short and soon noticed that there is something sticky and stinky, she already started pooping.

But, her boyfriend cheered her up and they took the bus rather than the car as the girl was afraid of staining the car.

Along the way her prince and shining armor hold her hand to comfort her as they arrived at home.

poop girlfriend

When finally reached home, her man opened the door and accompanied her in the toilet. The girl asked the boy that she can manage to clean it by herself, but the humble guy insisted that he will help.

Her boyfriend helped in cleaning and washing her short, and preparing a new set for his girl.

After all, the girl with teary eyes apologized to her shining armor for troubling him with such mess and embarrassing moment of her life, the man hug and comforted her that she didn't have to apologize for a mere body reaction and that anybody can have this kind of urgency.

Netizens admired the strong love of the couple, they say that through thick and thin their relationship will last for a lifetime.

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