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Friday, August 16, 2019

Girlfriend Stabs Boyfriend To Death After Refusing To Buy Her Ice-cream and Calling Her Fat

fat girl

A terrible murder happened when a girl asked her boyfriend that she wanted to eat ice cream.

The incident happened on the midday of August 14, a couple at the 20s was walking around a shopping street. The weather is humid at the time, so the girl told her boyfriend to buy her some ice cream to eat. But in response, her boy teased her and said, "You are already fat, still want to eat ice cream?

fat girl

The girl got offended and her supposed happy face changed to dim, she became silent for the time and entered a shop to buy scissors.

When she went outside, she urgently stabbed her boyfriend 4 times using the scissors in the street. People who saw the crime shouted and called for help.

fat girl

Unfortunately, the man died before the paramedic arrived, as he lost so much blood and succumbed by his wounds. However, the girl who murdered her boyfriend was arrested after she tried to get rid of the police. The investigation is instilled as of today.

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