Sunday, August 11, 2019

Guy Wearing Mascot Costume Travels 2,400km to Surprise Girlfriend, Catches Her with Another Guy


A lot of couples have to deal with long-distance relationships, often due to work constraints. Sadly, there are many who break up due to a third party – and sometimes, they are the ones who catch their partners in action.

One guy in China traveled 2,400 km to surprise his girlfriend on a special occasion. He wanted to give her the best surprise; thus, he even bought a mascot costume for a teddy bear which he wore as he tried to find her in the city she was working in.

While she was truthful about her whereabouts, telling him where she was, he had no idea that she was with another guy! The girl didn’t expect that her boyfriend was actually in the city; thus, she readily told him where she was.

The boyfriend actually managed to find the girl, but instead of surprising her, he was the only who was in for a bitter surprise. He saw his girlfriend at the mall, buying some food at a stall, but another guy was hugging her from beyond.


It was obvious from their movements that the two had a relationship – and the boyfriend in the teddy bear mascot costume stopped on his tracks. He took off the head of the teddy bear costume as he watched the couple.


The two felt that someone was staring at them. The girl was rather surprised that it was her original boyfriend standing there, watching her cheat. When he realized that the two had seen him, the guy put his mascot head back on and ran way as the girl chased him.


The girl tried her best to apologize and hug the guy but he was too heartbroken to hug her back. It is unknown whether the guy forgave her or if the other guy even knew she had a boyfriend already. But one thing is for sure, this girl broke the original boyfriend’s heart!


It was heartbreaking that he went out of his way to surprise her, only to end up being the one bitterly surprised by her infidelity…

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