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Monday, August 26, 2019

Satanic Temple Promises "They Will Fight For LGBTQ+ Rights To Death"

Satanic Temple comforted LGBTQ+ people by assuring them that they will fight to death for their rights.

The Satanic Temple promised the LGBTQ+ people that they will always fight for them and will fight to the death to ensure that there are equal rights for the community.

In a new documentary directed by Penny Lane and Lucien Greaves, entitled "Hail Satan," it intends to let people know the Temple's mission by making them understand their beliefs and practices.

However, the documentary didn't focus on doing and worshipping evil things but rather uplifting human rights and social justice.

The Satanic Temple sounds devil but it only encourages benevolence and empathy among people that were disowned and disheartened by the society.

It is compounded by 50, 000 members and mostly are members of LGBTQ+ community.

“From the start, when one of our early actions was the Pink Mass, a lot of LGBTQ people were looking for another community that didn’t see them as defined by their sexual orientation,” Greaves said.

“Within the Satanic Temple, we’re all pretty much one and the same. We’re all Satanists and it’s not like we have ‘tolerance’ for trans people or gay people or sex workers, we just don’t fucking care, and a lot of people in those communities appreciate that.” He added.

Published by Mark Lester, Lucis Philippines

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