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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Indonesian Man Marries Two Girls At Once, Says "So Nobody Gets Hurt"

trio wedding

In Indonesia, a man marrying both his girlfriends at once went viral on Facebook. People find it quite strange especially to the girls to be married to a man they love along with another girl. However, the man explained in the local media that his only intention is not any of his girls get hurt because he married someone, so he decided to marry them both.

In a media outlet, the man also cleared things that he can't see anything wrong or strange about marrying his girls at once and there is no written law that prohibits it.

Indonesia legally allowed polygamy or having multiple marriages, as long as agreed by both parties there will be no problem. It states in the Indonesian law of polygamy that a man can marry up to 4 women and can support their needs equally.

trio wedding

In addition to that, Indonesia has another tradition of giving jewelry or cash to the bride from the groom before the marriage called dowry.

The two brides who married the man received and shared Rp10,000 ($0.70) as dowry from their groom.

It is a small amount, but it is a natural occurrence in Indonesia because they value the love and intention more than any material things.

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