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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Man Excessively Drinks Bubble Tea, Ends Up With Tapioca Intestinal Blockage

bubble tea, milk tea, tapioca

A man in Vietnam had to undergo surgery after drinking too much bubble tea resulted in a severe tapioca intestinal blockage.

The 20-year-old man experienced dullness and stomach pain for 20 days, so he decided to consult a doctor.

He later knew that his severe stomach pain was due to intestinal obstruction because of drinking bubble tea often.

As time passed his condition becomes worsen and deteriorated so the doctor performed surgery to the man.

bubble tea, milk tea, tapioca

During the operation, the doctor removed two large blocks of tapioca starch in his intestines. When asked how it became possible, it was discovered that the man worked for a bubble tea shop.

The man honestly confessed that he often have this unhealthy habit of drinking bubble tea with tapioca during his mealtimes and became fond of it.

In the end, the doctor advised him that he should eat plenty of healthy and well-balanced foods with enough fiber and drink water regularly.

Published by Mark Lester, Lucis Philippines

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