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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Pastor Steals SUV, Blames Devil and Poor Donations When Caught

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A 41-year-old pastor of Jesus Miracle Church was arrested in Ogun State, Nigeria for stealing an SUV to a car dealer and sell it half of its price.

Jeremiah Ehindero visited a car dealership supposedly to avail and purchase a Toyota Highlander SUV for his evangelical mission purposes.

He asked for a test drive, which is a normal thing on purchasing a car that's why car dealer's staff didn't suspect the supposed holy man.

However, 24 hours later the pastor hasn't arrived yet so the management of the car dealership called the Nigerian police and report what happened.

Enhindero was caught along with his 2 accomplices and the person who bought the stolen car during an entrapment operation with the anti-robbery team.

When asked why he did such thing, the pastor insisted that he was provoked by a devil and the donations he received from his church were bad.

“I decided to steal the SUV to sell and use the proceeds to repay the N650,000 loan I borrowed from a microfinance bank in Lagos,” Ehindero said.

“I borrowed N650,000 from a microfinance bank to renovate my church, with the hope to recover the investment from tithes and offerings, but I was surprised that for three months, no money was realised to repay the loan.” He added.

Published by Mark Lester, Lucis Philippines

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