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Saturday, August 31, 2019

People Who Block Friends in Social Media are Egomaniacs, Doctor Confirms

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Blocking people on social media as a sign of egomania has been confirmed by a hypnotherapist named Steve McKeown after his quite observation and study on how people react to a situation.

We have this friend who always did block us just for a slightest disagreement where we found very irritating and suspected them to be egomaniacs.

"What your friends or others comment about you is their choice. How you choose to react is your choice. This is where the problems begin! A challenge to our egos!" McKeown said.

"This then creates resentment and makes you feel they don’t deserve to be part of your world or virtual life. The options are simple, either ignore them or block them! Blocking seems the easiest option to avoid feeling aggravated, frustrated and anxious." He explained in an interview with UNILAD.

"Blocking simply becomes normalised, easy. The issue may disappear in virtual world but not in real life. The issue doesn’t disappear. You are compounding and reinforcing not dealing with your problem. You are only running away… Until you bump into them either at the local shop, gym, or park." He added.

Social media is the place where people interact but it is also the place where people express who and what truly they are and not.

McKeown also described people blocking on social media as "self consumed or absorbed and deep seated low self esteem" showing sign of egomania.

"Not everyone gives you the attention you desire – they don’t like what you post, they may be sarcastic or worse blatantly horrid – but remember this is only reactive to how they feel emotionally which can make them feel inferior." The hynotherapist advised.

"Remember it’s a choice to allow someone to have an effect on you emotionally, they’re your thoughts and you have a responsibility to un-invest your emotional response. Manage them and move on." He added.

Well, now that you already know that your friend must be a egomaniac, you should be the one to understand his/her situation and position among others.

Published by Mark Lester, Lucis Philippines

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