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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Urban Dictionary Defames Philippines’ Duterte, Defines As Corrupt, Of Low Quality And A Traitor

duterte, urban dictionary

Earlier Urban Dictionary defines the word "Duterte" that is apparently from the surname of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as deceptive, sly, fake, corrupt, crooked, treacherous and of low quality. The word also refers to a scam, sham, or rip-off and a traitor.

The definition received a double-sided commentary and became widespread in social media.

However, the palace counters the definition to "honest, incorruptible, politically-willed person, courageous, selfless, honest, transparent, and all good things that come".

duterte, urban dictionary
Urban Dictionary is a crowdsourced online dictionary for slang and cultural words and phrases, that may have multiple meanings and usages where people make fun of using it. 

Urban Dictionary is known to be most of the time misled and trumped up people solely to embarrass.

Published by Mark Lester, Lucis Philippines

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