Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Woman uses a hotel kettle to wash her period-stained panty

kettle, panty
Woman is branded 'trashy' after using a hotel kettle to wash her period-stained knickers, recommending it as 'fast and hygienic'

A hotel guest has been branded 'trashy' and 'disgusting' after using her room's kettle to wash her period-stained knickers.

The anonymous woman, believed to have been staying in Australia or New Zealand, shared her 'tip' on Facebook along with an image of the pants in the coffee pot.

She explained she'd been caught out when her period arrived unexpectedly and had forgotten to pack underwear.

Posting an image of the transparent kettle, which clearly shows the underwear floating in the brown water, she branded it a 'fast and hygienic' method for getting rid of the stains.
'Forgot to pack knickers so came up with a good way to quickly wash them. The hotel kettle! Quick, fast and hygienic.'

The stomach-churning image was later shared to Reddit, where it provoked outrage among users.

The thread, which has recently resurfaced after initially being shared last year, attracted dozens of comments.

One wrote: 'I want to find this person and hygienically wipe my a** with their coffee filters, toothbrush, and pillowcase. Also, she overfilled the kettle.'

kettle, panty

Another baffled user commented: 'Any hotel room that has a kettle is also going to have a sink! Or better yet, a bath tub. She could have heated the water in the kettle then poured it in a sink. Or used cold sink water and soap. Or, just... so many other solutions.'

'Wow, I've been giving hotel guests too much credit and never thought to avoid the kettle,' mused another.

And one asked: 'How do you forget underwear? I'd buy more before doing this!'

'I'm about to go on vacation and now I'm definitely not touching the coffee pot,' commented another.

And one simply observed: 'Water is brown,' while another called for her to be 'banned from renting a hotel for life'.

By Hayle Richardson,  MailOnline

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