Sunday, September 8, 2019

Anti-gay Priest Falls Off Stage after a Woman Pushes Him in Front of 50,000 worshippers

Father Marcelo Rossi, homophobic

Father Marcelo Rossi, Brazil's most famous priest, was pushed off stage by a homosexual woman during a mass service in Sao Paulo.

It was said that the woman ran abruptively across the crowd, crossed with securities and shoved the priest.

The event happened in front of an estimated crowd of 50, 000 preachers, where all were shocked at that moment. This had been broadcasted in the national television by which had received a lot of criticisms.

In some Brazil's news outlets, it was believed that the woman on her 32, a mother of three, traveled from Rio de Janeiro only to attend the mass.

A report from Brazilian newspaper reported by O Dia said that the woman only wanted to come in to talk to him (priest) and that she was scared the moment she saw the security guards running after her, so she unintentionally and accidentally pushed Father Rossi.

Fortunately, Father Rossi didn't get any injury from his fall and was able to continue his sermon few minutes later. He also decided not to press charge against the woman to be held liable for the incident.

According to some articles, Rossi has a history of anti-gay remarks where on 1998, he called homosexuality as an illness and remarked on 2014 that sex between man causes pain, if something causes pain, it can’t be a good thing.

Moreover, the woman in the incident was a member of LGBT community, this is why some people are speculating that this might be the reason of the latter.

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