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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Biblical Codes Claim To Have Predicted The Future, Historians Say

biblical code, prophecy

On the surface meaning, the Holy Bible revealed events in the apocalyptic scale. The Book of Revelation; The last Chapter of the New Testament chronicled the Second Coming of Christ. Other than these prophecies, something else lurks deeper in the Bible.

bible code

The roots of Biblical decoding can be traced back during the last century of the Dark Ages,Jews especially Rabbis have discovered several codes in the Bible and they claimed that it can predict many events that are not written in the surface of the Bible. They believed that many of these Codes can be found in Torah. These codes can be found and compiled using a system of geometric computation known as the Gematra.

Foucault's Pendulum

In the New York Times bestselling novel named Foucault's Pendulum, written by the semiotician Umberto Eco a group of vanity writers stumbled upon a Code leading to several conspiracies. One of the key elements of the plot involves the use of Geometric manipulation. Words such as YAHWEH and Torah have special properties. Are these Codes written by God himself? Or just coincidental and it's merely the human mind playing with symbols, then giving meaning to it? We may never know.

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