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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Bloody Sky Caused by the Forest Fire Covers Indonesia’s Regency

indonesia haze, red sky

Indonesia's seemingly bloody sky had been a major discussion in social media worldwide since September 21, after the fire over Muaro Jambi resisted and created a blood-red sky that looms around the area.

At first, netizens doubt the reliability of the series of shared photos showing the bloody sky in Indonesia, but after some people provided same photos showing the same scenario they started to believe that Indonesia is now surrounded by blood-red sky.

You are not fantasizing or being illusory, the sky is being covered with red-colored smog brought by the forest fire near the area.

Ashes had come to every houses putting the residents terrified to go out because of the bizarre phenomenon.

indonesia haze, red sky
Image credit: Twitter
According to Malay Mail news, the Indonesia' sky began turning red from September 21 noon until 4 pm of the local time.

The Indonesian Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) Jambi, explained that the phenomenon was caused by the thick smog hindering the sun to reach the ground that changes the color of the sky.

They also added that this can be resolved once the wind blown the smog away, and the series of rainfalls.

Residents complaint that they feel suffocated even they stayed indoors and claimed that they could still smell the smoke and inhale ashes.

For the residents, the bloody sky is indeed a scary encounter. As some believe that this may be a sign of the dawn of the earth.

However, this is only a phenomenon caused by the forest fire that serves a sign that our ecological crises have gone so far. Let's just hope the safety of everyone.

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