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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Chinese Guy in Teddy Bear Costume Travels 2,400 km to Surprise Girlfriend, Ends Up Catching Her Cheating


A Chinese guy wearing mascot costume traveled 2,400 km to surprise his girlfriend for their special day, later did he know that he was cheated when he caught his partner cheating with another man.

Long-distance relationship is a very common intimate relationship condition where partners are in geographic separation and lack of face-to-face contact that made them struggle.

Some relationship in this condition tend not to last longer and break, especially because of the involvement of a 3rd party or trust issues.

In China, a guy traveled for 2,400 km to see and surprise her girl, he wanted to give the best surprise that he could ever do.

He decided to bought a teddy bear mascot costume, and wore it as he walked around trying to look for his other half in the city where she was working in.


The guy called his girlfriend and asked for her whereabouts, the girl truthfully answered and said where she was, without knowing what will going to happen next.

She had really no idea that her boyfriend is in the city to make a surprise for her.

A short time ago, the guy finally managed to find the girl, but instead of surprising her, the guy was the one who was surprised, after he saw his girlfriend at the mall with a man behind hugging her while buying food in a stall.

He only observed the two for a few minutes, and based on their actions they are obviously in a relationship. He suddenly stopped on his tracks and decided to take off the head of his mascot costume while still looking at his girl and the man beside her.


Latterly, the two noticed as if someone was staring them for long. As the girl turned her head in the direction of her original boyfriend, she was really shocked and don't know what to say and do, as she was caught cheating on him.

The pitiful boyfriend realized that he had been seen by the girl so he urgently put back the head of his teddy bear mascot and ran away, however the girl chased after him.


The girl begged for her boyfriend's forgiveness while hugging him in the public, but the man failed to hold back to her. He was really heartbroken that time that he can't resist the pain inside him, he was not able to think for granting her request.

It is still unknown whether the two reconciled their relationship or they totally ended up it, but there is one thing that we can be certain about, the girl really hurt and broke her original boyfriend's pure heart.

It was heartbreaking that he went out of his long way to surprise her, only ended up being overwhelming distressed by his girl's infidelity.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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