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Monday, September 23, 2019

Couple Marries Wearing T-shirts and Jeans, Claims Big Wedding Can Only Stress Them with Expenses

Rebecca Maxwell, Glen Maxwell

A couple decided to wear T-shirts and jeans on their wedding to show people that wedding do not need expensive knots and costly presence to make the day magical and wonderful.

Rebecca Maxwell, 26, and Glen Maxwell, 30, wore their personalized jeans and shirts that were supposed to be wedding gowns and suits with "bride and groom" printed on it.

The couple wore the same kind of clothes that they prepared during the ceremony and reception.

They also prepared similar personalized stuffs for the bridal party, best man and for the mother and father of the bride. They also asked their 40 guests to wear only  jeans and t-shirts to their wedding.

Back August 2016, the couple was engaged and they planned a big white-themed wedding celebration.

But soon they realized that this kind of wedding would only pushed them to stress and agony after they came up with the realization that their dream wedding could take a massive amount of money.

They thought that romance is what a couple should be excited about instead of any material manifestation of a person.

"We could get married in jeans and T-shirts and I’d still love you." Glen suggested to Rebecca one evening.

Glen and Rebecca came with this natural conclusion that a big wedding doesn't matter anymore, it doesn't have to be spending a lot of money to prove the sacredness of love or the bond, but by focusing on having a once in a life time day for them to enjoy.

Rebecca Maxwell, Glen Maxwell
 "When we were planning our wedding, we started doing everything to please other people. Our guest list was getting out of hand. You feel like you have to invite people because you don’t want to upset them rather than because you want them there. We had spent hours looking through Pinterest at all the dresses, cakes and decorations and you do get sucked in. But at the end of the day me and Glen just really weren’t bothered about all of that. I had even bought a wedding dress but after having [my daughter] Eleanor I went to try it on again and I ended up crying. It just was not what I wanted at all." Rebecca explained.

Before, the couple had planned their wedding to take place in a farm during Christmas day, that will have them to spend £14,000.

However, they changed their plan and arranged their wedding in Darlington hall to share their vow on April 26, with their 40 guests composing relatives, closest friends and others, it took them only £250.

Rebecca Maxwell, Glen Maxwell

Reception were held at the Center Parcs Whinfell Forest in the Lake District for a meal served in carvery dinner that costs them £400.

Overall, the couple spent  just £1,105 in total including the flowers, decorations, poster, make up and et cetera.

Rebecca and Glen were left with £6,000 savings after their wedding much better if they choose to make their wedding grandiose.

The couple used ‘just like simple things’ as their motto, preferring a night in to a posh holiday away.

"We just love each other’s company. What was special was that we were going to join together and I was going to have the same surname as my little girl. A big dress or fancy day, that all paled into insignificance. I want to show other brides that if they don’t have a big budget, it doesn’t matter. They don’t have to spend a fortune or put all that pressure on themselves. As long as you marry the person you love, surrounded by people you love, your day will be special. Me and my husband are still married just like all those people who are in £20,000 debt. I do really believe that so many people lose sight of the real reasons to get married." Rebecca said.

"It becomes like a big expensive show, a production for everyone else and the real reasons are lost in all that. It should be about how in love you are. I don’t know anyone who gets married just because they think their partner is alright." She added.

Photo Credit: Luiza Oliver/Kennedy News
Luiza Oliver/Kennedy News

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