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Friday, September 20, 2019

Couples Watching Horror Movies Together Make Their Love Last and Happier

horror movie

Watching horror movies with your partner can actually help you to stay together longer and be a happier couple, it's the best time to get closer to build a bond of comfort and love.

Genres like drama, romance and comedy are the most sentimental as it makes the atmosphere seems perfect for a date-worthwhile.

However, if you are wanting a more intimate with physical closeness movie date with your partner, scary or horror movies are the best option.

Traditional movie dates were very common so the selection of horror flick instead of dramatic and romantic movies can help you.

As the saying goes: "The couple who gets scared together, stays together."

This date idea is perfect anytime and anywhere, and proven to be the way to get closer to each other.

Psychologists have determined that horror movies put a person in the mood of romance and he/she is more likely to fall in love with someone being with him/her after watching horror films.

When watching a horror movie, people tend to experience and feel levels of fear and exhaustion leading to anxious arousal.

If this happened, they will ask for explanation in this physical manifestation of experiencing racing heart beats and eerie atmosphere that they normally confused being signs of attraction.

horror movie

Suddenly their feelings of being scared release a hormone or neurotransmitter called dopamine after they made an affectionate hug with each other.

Dopamine helps regulate the movement, attention, learning, and emotional responses of the brain and body, and contributes to the feelings of pleasure and satisfaction of a person.

Simply, it is a chemical agent that tells our brains that we like something and want more of it.

According to studies, it shows that men act to be the person in control while watching horror films, and women prefer to be with his/her dominant partner. 

Watching horror movies also gave way for couple to snuggle and comfort each of their vulnerabilities which according to experts it could strengthen trust and love to what we called real intimacy.

It also develop a great communication between couples to have a better understanding with each other that is crucial to a romantic relationship.

Horror movies can also make a person releases adrenaline hormone, that's why people who watch scary movies are less stressed.

Moreover, at the end of the movie the couple can have a quality time with each other pushing forward to a strong and happier relationship.

Photo courtesy: Bekia,Vix

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