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Monday, September 23, 2019

Employees Who Force to Smile at Work Tend to Drink Heavy, Study Finds

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A team of researchers had come to the findings of their study after they found out that employees who are forcing their smiles  at work led them to be heavy drinkers during work off hours.

People who are working as nurse, teacher and customer service personnel are no easy job, because it requires public interactions and commitment.

The job itself exposes the workers to various challenges, especially dealing with a lot of people everyday that made them terrified and tired overtime.

Some workers tended to force their smile and repress their emotions, even if it is against their will, just to be able to serve the public without others noticing it.

Researchers aimed to know the drinking habits of workers who are exposed to the public that have to control their behaviors towards others to do their works.

Later on they found out that employees who often boosted their positive emotions and conceal negative emotions are more likely heavier drinkers.

The study conducted a phone interview for over 1,500 U.S workers, they were asked how frequent they faked or suppressed their emotions at work and how often they drink after work.

They were also asked how impulsive they posed to the people, and their self-reliant and autonomy traits when at work.

Researchers first hypothesized that it wasn't the feelings of being bad and stressed out that drive them to go and drink, it is because they left themselves through the aisle of everything that they are willing to hide what they truly feel and act as if everything is alright.

So when they drink, they'll not be able to control themselves drinking over and over again.

Respondents who were more impulsive and felt lacking of self-reliance at work had claimed to have a strong relation with their drinking habits as well.

According to the researchers, the findings of their study could help the employees to have awareness of what truly a job supposed to be, and the employers to create a well work environments for their employees.

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