Saturday, September 14, 2019

English Language is a Dialect of China, Chinese Scholars Claim

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World Civilisation Research Association (WCRA) claimed that English and almost all of the European languages were originated in China and derived from Mandarin. They also claimed that ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians along with all Western civilizations arised in China.

The World Civilisation Research Association is composed of group of Chinese scholars and professors who are pushing that for over 20 years of research they found out that China is the point of origin of many civilizations and languages.

A while ago, a presentation during the China International Frontier Education Summit claimed that English language is a Chinese dialect.

“Of course, the pronunciation will be a little different, which is caused by the variations in pronunciation over hundreds or even thousands of years in different regions. Think about how significant the differences are in our regional dialects… so it can be said that English is like a ‘dialect’ in our country.” Zhai Guiyun, President of WCRA said.

"Autumn leaves are “yellow,” an English word that is pronounced like the Mandarin word “yeluo,” which means “leaf drop” Another is the word “heart,” which sounds like the Mandarin word “hede,” which means “core".”He explained.

Zhai gave hundreds of words in comparable with the meaning in English, he also said that French, German, and Russian were all rooted from Mandarin.

Besides the languages the association also claimed that Western civilization originated in China after they found out with the 20 years of research of professor Zhai Du Gangjian that the first civilization who spoke English came from the Indus River Valley.

They also claimed that the account of ancient Rome, Greeks and Egyptians were all fake and fabricated.

“Before the 15th and 16th centuries, Europe had no history, only myths and legends,” Zhai said.

“Europe was a primitive society before the Middle Ages,” but this allegedly changed after the Western introduction to China’s Zhou Dynasty.”He added.

World Civilisation Research Association also called the “Wolf Warrior Scholars” is the most brainwashing association in China making people believe in them and scratch their head to their findings.

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