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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Farting Competition in India Drives the Netizens Crazy

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In a report from BBC, India will be holding the first ever farting contest in the world this month of September that actually blown netizens away.

Sangoi and Sangwe, residents of the city of Surat, Gujarat, planned the launching of the fart fare contest in the internet stated that cash prizes will be received once a person wins in specific and particular categories.

The contest intends to normalize farting in the people so a person and other people won't be embarrassed about the innate nature of their body.

Netizens at first found it silly and mad as what kind of game is this, using fart to win a prize, completely crazy.

Fart is the emission of gas from the anus, a normal part of digestion. However, people considered it vulgar and offensive that is unsuitable for any situation with others.

The title and championship trophy will be awarded to the person who will win the competition, they will also receive the entitled cash prizes between 5,000 rupees (RM294) to 15,000 rupees (RM882).

The assessment of the competition will be based on 3 different categories:

1. The longest fart;
2. The loudest fart;
3. The strongest fart.

Only 60 seconds will be given to each contestant to brew their farts, the winners will be chosen and selectedd by the standing judges that consists of famous artists, comedians and local physicians.

Organizers were asked why they came up with the idea of launching a competition that involves farting, and why chose it in the first place. Sangoi answered that the main idea came from what he had experienced with his family.

“I farted super loudly when I was watching a movie with my family about a month ago. They all laughed at me but it made me think: If there was a fart game, I should be the champion.” He said.

Sangoi thought that the beliefs of people when they heard farting is quite offensive which is not a good thing, that's why he went out that this perceived beliefs should bee eliminated and changed.

“If you fart in public 30 years ago, everyone would think this is a natural thing, but now it is a socially disgusting behaviour.”

He came up with that “Farts shouldn’t be ashamed”, and hopes that the fare fart competition would change how the people denounced the act of their innate bodily reaction.

Photo Credit: iStock/MaryValery