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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Fat Woman Earns Big Money by Grabbing and Slapping Her Belly in Camera

fat woman

A woman named Hazel in Nashville has been a victim of bullying because of her obesity, in school she was known to be as the "fattest girl", but it turns out that her obesity will be her money-making machine after she used it online to earn money - not less than £800 a month and £10,000 a year.

She started rolling a video online by slapping, grabbing and shaping her belly where people found it funny and enjoyable.

Her video gained popularity in social media and some online platforms that drived her to pursue what she has started and earn money by using her supposed disability.

To earn more money, she opened herself for the viewers suggestions on her video that includes showing her nude photos and videos, using a sex toy live, acting fool and so.

fat woman

"I’m not sure what people like about it. In today’s society weight loss is such a huge thing, so this is like the polar opposite. I know of one man who struggles with an eating disorder and loves to see women gain weight. It’s personal preference." Hazel said.

Currently, she works as an office administrator and only uses feedee as her part time. Now, she has 19, 000 followers acros social media and growing.

fat woman

Some people might think that Hazel was too absurb, greedy and bad, taking granted of her disability using it to gain popularity and money.

However, Hazel explained that she really is a very greedy person that's why she keep going until she get that euphoric feeling. She also added that she get a lot of pleasure from it and her fans get pleasure from watching her too, and said it’s a win-win.

Published by Mark Lester, Lucis Philippines

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