Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Filipina from Slum Becomes the New President of a Well-known American University

Astrid Tuminez

Astrid Tuminez, a Filipino woman who was raised in slum, was recently announced by Utah Valley University in United States as the new president  after an unanimous decision.

Among the international and national candidates, Tuminez had been chosen by the board to lead the school.

In a report, she was the first woman who become the president of the school in its history.

Tuminez, after holding degrees in Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology decided to work for Microsoft Corporation  and became a candidate for UVU's president.

“...[she] has proven to be a dynamic leader across academic, non-profit, public policy, and corporate sectors,” said the Board of UVU.

Prior to her stories, in her life she was once a beggar in the Philippines that aimed too high and wished for a good life.

“My father is not here anymore. My mother is 84. Neither of my parents went to college," Tuminez said during the proclamation.

“My mother had a very hard life… My sister raised me. She was only 15 years old and had to raise six siblings.” She added.

After some time Tuminez managed to succeed in life. She graduated with degrees and became a regional director of Microsoft and a professor in Singapore.

Later on she was chosen to be the president of the Utah Valley University after being on top among other candidates.

"She articulated a clear and compelling vision for UVU, and she understands the value of collaboration within Utah’s system of public colleges and universities." Utah Commissioner of Higher Education.

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