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How To Be A Mind Reader Using People’s Behaviors? Here Are Some Tips!

mind reading

You'll probably think how convenient would it be when you can read people's mind. It might be impossible to do, but based on their behaviors and actions we can easily assess what people think. This could be the reason why other people think that a psychologist can actually read their mind. Not knowing that they are just getting their assessments from your body language. Pay attention to the signals the other people send without realizing it.

1. Closing their Eyes
When a person is closing their eyes during a conversation this person is actually hiding itself to the outside world. This does not mean that the person is scared or don't want to talk to you, they are just mentally clocked out during the conversation that you have, and they think if they close their eyes you will disappear.

2. Covering their Mouth
Putting a finger or fist to your mouth is actually a sign that you are blocking something that you want to say to a person in front of you. This actually adopted in childhood, remember the time when you are closing your mouth when you don't want to tell something to your someone?


3. Chewing on their Glasses or Pencil
This body language indicated that the person is actually stressed out or consciously worried about something, cheer them up if you see your friend doing this.

4. Presenting their Face
This gestures actually uses for you to attract people in the opposite sex, when you are putting your palm on your cheeks it tells you that "this is me! Enjoy as much as you want". Men should remember this gesture to have an idea when they are going to complement a lady at the right time.


5. Rubbing their Chin
This is the time when a person is actually choosing an option or making a decision. They might be looking up, down and the side where you don't have any idea what they are looking at since they are in deep thought. Next time when you see your friend doing this ask them what's on their mind.


6. Crossed Arms
This is widely used by people if they feel irritated with the other person and also it shuts them off to others. When you see a person crossing their arms and you want to have a joke with them maybe that is not the best time.

7. Fixing their Posture
When a woman wants to be noticed by a man she tries to present herself, the best way as possible, she bends her back to emphasize her breast. Hands together and hanging down is a sign of attention and huge interest with the person.


8. Leaning Forward
If a person is actually interested with you. The foot stays at the same place but the body and gestures are leaning forward since the person body is subconscious, it leans in the direction of the man or woman they really like. You can usually notice this in a group of people.


9. Leaning Back
If a person is actually leaning back in his/her chair it is a sign that a person is tired of the conversation and just wanted the conversation to end.


10. Swinging from their heels to their toes
It shows that the person is anxious about something.


11. Rubbing their Hands
It is a sign that the person is has a positive feeling about something and they are hopeful. We do this when we think positively.


12. The Glove Handshake
The person wanted to show that the person is honest, trustworthy and friendly. It is widely used by some most politicians but we should remember that it is also perceived as an invasion of privacy. Only people who are close together do it genuinely. Don't let the politician fool you.


13. A handshake from the palm facing the floor vs facing the ceiling
A person making a handshake downward is actually demonstrating their superiority and power. It is also used to show respect for your boss to their dominance.


14. Cupping someone's hands during a Handshake.
This is an indication that the person is sympathising with you.


15. A handshake with a touch
This is an invasion of your personal bubble, it is an indication that the person is not getting enough attention or communication from others the more the touch to the torso the person needs a company.


16. Fixing their ties
If a man is fixing their ties in front of you, it is an indication that the person is interested with you or the man likes you. On the other hand, it is also a gesture that the person is not comfortable with you.

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