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Sunday, September 8, 2019

iPhone Users are Poorer than Huawei Users, Research Finds

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Survey conducted by the MobData, a research agency in  South China Morning Post, showed that most Chinese who uses iPhone is financially incapable and has a low level of educational attainment than those Huawei users.

The research focused on the income status and educational background of the participants, mainly iPhone and Huawei users.

In a report provided by the MobData, it claimed that among the participants, more likely unmarried woman at the age of 18-34 years old iPhone users, can be categorized as people who belong to the "invisible poor".

iPhones users  are concluded to be at lower educational background mostly graduates in secondary level only that can earn a monthly salary of not more than $430.

Meanwhile, Huawei users in conclusion are revealed to be people, mostly married men at the age of 25-34 years old, holding degrees in their professions and earning $720 - $2,800 a month, more than half of Oppo and Vivo users can make.

In addition with that, it found out that most of the Huawei users owned properties like apartment and car, while the large proportion of iPhone users do not.

Moreover, though the company didn't reveal the actual number of participants in the study still they had provided the necessary data to probe and prove the standing of the research.

Now, Huawei is still the leading smartphone market in China despite the recent problem on its Google license banning done by the US government.

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